Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hair Salons in Bloomington IN and IU

Partner with businesses in your local area:
Distribute coupons to businesses that offer products and services that are complementary to yours. For example, offer 10% discount for any haircut to someone who will get a massage in a neighbouring spa. You might also offer to swipe advertisements with non related business. You can partner with a law firm and place your advertisements in their waiting area and they place theirs in yours. Make sure to include a "bring this coupon to claim your discount!" line at the bottom to track the effectiveness of the campaign.

Sell combo deals:
Offer two services together at a lower price than they would go for separately. Make sure you put this at the entrance of your Hair Salons in Bloomington IN where it is very visible.
Advertising is an art and if done right, you will be reaping the rewards soon. More clients will start streaming into your salon.

Hair styling involves changing the hair color, texture, curliness or straightness, or even simply combing or braiding. Hair coloring or bleaching can damage your hair structure, especially if the change is done within the hair shaft. To maintain your natural hair structure, you can simply use coloring herbs such as indigo or henna or use solutions that are free of ammonia. Chemical straightening and perm involves the use of chemicals that are meant to manipulate the internal structure of the hair to affects the straightness or curliness of your hair.  It is, therefore, important to ensure that you use mild chemicals if you prefer styling using chemicals. Whatever, your styling techniques are ensures that you clean your hair regularly in order to remove excess oils, sweat, chemicals, germs and dead cells on the scalp.

I would recommend natural Hair Salons in Bloomington IN as a way of maintaining the natural structure of your hair as well as keeping it healthy. A survey done on African, African American and Hispanic female population in America revealed that a majority of this population prefer natural hairstyles such as straightening, thermal straightening, wash and go, and dreads. Whatever hair style you choose, do not forget that the health of your hair comes first.

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